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Handed down by my mother, Not Yo Momma's Mac & Cheese is a result of many years of taking her macaroni & cheese recipe and making small tweaks here and there, to make it my own.  Essentially, I was able to create what is arguably the best macaroni and cheese recipe you will ever taste.  Over the years, I have been honored to have both family and friends deem my macaroni and cheese as "the best mac & cheese" that they have ever had. I have even made those who swore that they didn't like Macaroni & Cheese fall in love with it, only swearing to eat mines.


After a while, close Friends and family would ask me to make my macaroni and cheese for their events.  What started with a simple gesture, became a great demand for family gatherings, work team building events, and holiday parties.  After lots of prayer and meditation, I started conceptualizing the idea of making it available for everyone at home to enjoy. Many months later, lots of sleepness nights, and a dream, I have cragfted the perfect at home Macaroni & Cheese Kits so that your family can enjoy this one of a kind recipe.


My macaroni and cheese kit is simple to assemble and prepare, while giving families home made macaroni and cheese whenever they crave it.  How I came up with the name, well let's just say me and a friend were discussing the idea and we both blurted out "Cause this ain't yo momma's Mac & Cheese!", and from there the brand was created. 


"Mac & Cheese is one of my faves and always has been! 'Not Yo Momma's' Mac & Cheese is just that.  I can't even describe it but all I can say is...'Can I have more please?!'"

~ Brandy H. ~

"My kids never ate Macaroni and Cheese.  My daughter convinced my son to taste it because in her words, "It's so good".  He took one bite and he never looked back.  He asks me to buy this kit at least once a month.  It's definitely a staple in our freezer"
~ Steven R. ~

Home made Mac & Cheese is so time consuming.  Then let's not mention getting the perfect combination of cheese to noodles.  'Not Yo Momma's' definitely takes the guess work out of making home made Mac & Cheese.  Assembly is easy and in just 45 minutes, you have the perfect Home Made Mac & Cheese!
~ Chrissy T. ~

What more can I say.  It's just amazing.  I have never tasted something so good that is easily accessible to families like mine.  I can add anything to this Mac & Cheese!  Thank you, this changed how my kids eat Mac & Cheese!
~ James W. ~

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